These documents can be completed with Adobe Reader as a writable PDF file.

Please email completed forms to

Bank Draft Authorization

Water Service Contract and Application

Separate Irrigation Meter Contract

Backflow Device Test Report Form

Leak Adjustment Form (A plumbers affidavit or repair bill must be submitted along with this form)

Irrigation Non-Use Agreement

Fire Hydrant Meter Contract

  • A $2,500 deposit is required along with a $100 non-refundable water connection fee. The deposit of $2,500 must be paid with a check. The $100 fee can be paid with cash, check or card.

  • The Deposit and Connection Fee Must Be Two Seperate Forms of Payment.

  • The check will be held until the meter is returned to our office in proper working condition. At that time, the check will be returned to you. If the meter is returned in NON proper working condition, HB&TS will deposit the check.